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Rahul Gandhi Turns 46, What Next?

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi turned 46 today, June 19 and among those wished him include Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The nation has taken note of his age hoping that the Congress’s future hope comes out of his handheld political careeer to a real leader of the masses. Modi tweeted:”Birthday wishes to the Congress VP, Shri Rahul Gandhi. May he ...

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Rahul Finds AP Apt to Kick off Padayatra Today

More than a decade ago, Congress found Andhra Pradesh the venue for its resurgence from oblivion when Congress leader Rajasekhara Reddy began relentless Padayatras to connect with people and AP victory in 2004 polls paved the way for the comeback of the Congress. Taking a cue, now Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi kicked off his Padayatra today covering a distance ...

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