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Antibiotics Affect Brain, Cause Confusion, Hallucinations: Indian-Origin Neurologist

Indian-origin American researcher has found that antibiotics affect delirium in brain and cause confusion to brain function and leads to hallucinations and agitative mindset. “Delirium is a common and costly complication of hospitalization. Although medications are a known cause of delirium, antibiotics are an underrecognized class of medications associated with delirium,” said researchers in their article. They reviewed the clinical, ...

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‘Flaperon’ Belongs to MH 370, says Malaysia but France, Australia Reluctant to Confirm

The wreckage part flaperon found on the French island of Reunion in Indian Ocean last week belongs to the missing Malaysian flight MH370 that has kept the world most engaged on finding its whereabouts for months after its disappearance on March 8, 2014. Malaysia’s prime minister Najib Razak announced on Thursday the findings of a French military unit’s authentication of ...

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