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Clashes rage between Syrian forces, IS militants in Homs

Damascus, Nov 4 :  Intense clashes raged Tuesday between the Syrian government troops and the Islamic State (IS) militants near a military base and gas wells in the country’s central province of Homs, a monitoring group said. The clashes raged between the warring sides at the Kherbat al-Tayyas area southwest of the military airbase in the province amid confirmed reports that ...

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Post-shut up episode: Will Modi speak for India in China this month?

By Sridhar Narsing When Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi visits China this month, he will have to clear his conscience that the firm HUAWEI, China’s biggest telecom company, investing hugely in Gujarat, did not portray three controversial regions of India as foreign pockets. While China will bend its rules like Beckham with an eye on Modi’s proposal to develop a ...

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OPINION: Pakistan Puzzle for US Remains

OPINION: By M. Osman Siddique WASHINGTON: The relationship between the United States and Pakistan is slipping from bad to worse. To say that there exists a “trust deficit” between the two countries is simply an understatement. Pakistan is the only Islamic country that has its own nuclear armaments. Although at odds today, Pakistan and the United States remain deeply co-dependent ...

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