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Shocker from Punjab: Molested Mother, Daughter Jump off Running Bus; Teen Dies, Mother Serious, CM Cool

Not a rare incident in India that is infested with eve-teasers and rapists on running buses. Replete with examples of teenaged girls succumbing to acid attacks, the new trend is attacking helpless women on running buses that too in the night. The mother, aged 35 and her 13-year-old daughter, were targets of lews comments initially and when the mother reported ...

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Laser Turns Quartz Glass Into Metal for Split Second, Scientists Upbeat Over Future Potential

Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology say they quartz glass can be turned into metal using laser beams but their research proved it to be for just a split second but the findings may help in the future research on lasers and metals. Using quick laser pulses, the scientists are able to fundamentally change the electronic properties of the ...

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