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Tweets change dramatically after she says ‘yes’, finds study

After she says yes, announcing the engagement on the micro-blogging site Twitter to the world can lead to a “New You” — changing your online profile following the proposal, finds an Indian-American researcher. “People began to paint themselves as a couple rather than as individuals. They are going through a major change in life and it shows on social media ...

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Big B tweets expressing his new commitment to spreading awareness about head injury, Hepatitis

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan has taken up the task of spreading awareness about head injury and Hepatitis and on Saturday took to Facebook to share his commitment in social media. “If my face and my voice is needed to the cause of awareness for Head Injury and Hepatitis… I have committed to it,” Amitabh tweeted on Sunday. “Dedicated today (Saturday) to ...

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