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FDA Panel Approves Female Viagra ‘Flibanserin’ Finally, What Next?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel recommended approval of flibanserin, the female Viagra, by a vote of 18-6, with riders associated with the approval, prompting many women organizations to welcome the move despite the risks associated with it. The male equivalent has as many as 25 drugs for sexual dysfunction and with this they hope to achieve gender equality. ...

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Game changer alloy ‘cerium’ to bring down engine cost of wind trubines, cars soon

The rare-earth element ‘Dysprosium’, highly expensive and rarely available, will soon be replaced with an alternative to this traditionally used material called ‘Dysprosium’, said a team of researchers from AMES Lab in the US. The element dysprosium is used in high performance permanent magnets that are used in car engines and wind turbines and cerium can replace the element abnd ...

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