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Moon Age 4.47 Billion Years, Says Study Based on Meteorite Study

Based on meteorite study, scientists say moon may have formed 4.47 billion years ago after a giant collision between a large proto-planet and the proto-Earth. Studying shock signatures found in stony meteorites that came from the main asteroid belt, a NASA-funded research team said it has estimated the moon’s age as slightly less than 4.5 billion years, which means 4.47 ...

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12 Killed, 45 Injured in Train Collision near Gorakhpur

Twelve people confirmedĀ killed and more than 45 injured when two speeding trains collided near Gorakhpur in Lucknow on Tuesday night. According to reports, Chief Public Relation Officer of North-Eastern Railway Alok Kumar Singh said that the Maduadeeh-Lucknow Krishak Express hit Barauni-bound express train from Lucknow from the side while it was on the loop line at Nandanagar railway crossing, about ...

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