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World war III or knee-jerk reaction of old academics unable to bury Cold War polemics

Russia has reiterated that it is not isolated on Ukrainian issue nor on the MH17 crash by the Russian rocket launchers in the hands of the rebels, while a quick reactionin the global media began scout for possible Russian military superiority vis-a-vis the US. Analysts are digging the Cold War period files to show case how Russia is augmenting its ...

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Russia Launches Alternative Global Media Project to Counter US Dominance

Russia has launched an ambitious global media project aimed at providing “an alternative viewpoint on world events”, state-run media holding company Rossia Segodnya said. Sputnik International, which replaces the English-language RIA Novosti service, will operate via local radio stations and websites in 30 countries. “We believe in a diverse, multicultural world, and we have many allies. To promote this outlook ...

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OPINION: Pakistan Puzzle for US Remains

OPINION: By M. Osman Siddique WASHINGTON: The relationship between the United States and Pakistan is slipping from bad to worse. To say that there exists a “trust deficit” between the two countries is simply an understatement. Pakistan is the only Islamic country that has its own nuclear armaments. Although at odds today, Pakistan and the United States remain deeply co-dependent ...

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