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GGF Partners with Ohridska Banka of Societe Generale Group, Provides EUR 4 Million

The Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe (GGF) is providing EUR 4 million in funding to Ohridska Banka, Société Générale Group for green funding. Macedonia imports over 40 percent of its primary energy; almost 80 percent of the electricity generated domestically stems from fossil sources, mainly coal. As one of the pioneers in the market, OBSG has recognized the importance ...

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CO2 Melted Ice Age for Sure, Prepare for Similar Global Melt-Down of Glaciers, Warn Researchers

While world is aware of a plethora of causes which receded the last Ice Age such as solar radiation, ocean currents and others, a new study has focused on mere carbon dioxide that it said had resulted mainly in eroding the glaciers. The study based on measuring isotopes in boulders uncovered during the global meltdown 11,000 years ago, said the ...

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CO2 to Use in Energy Storage Products

A new way to use some of the atmospheric carbon dioxide behind the greenhouse effect to make an advanced, high-value material for use in energy storage products have discovered by Researchers from Oregon State University (OSU). This innovation in nanotechnology will not soak up enough carbon to solve global warming, researchers say. “However, it will provide an environmentally friendly, low-cost ...

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