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Berkeley Lab Scientist Invents New Technique to Understand Cloud Behavior

Using two digital cameras situated about 1 kilometer apart facing Miami’s Biscayne Bay, scientists David Romps and Rusen Oktem are able to collect three-dimensional data on cloud behavior that would have been impossible to collect before. The photos allowed Romps, a climate scientist who specializes in clouds, to measure how fast the clouds rise, which in turn can shed light ...

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Impact of Small Space Rocks Wiped Out Primitive Earth’s Atmosphere

An international team of researchers has discovered that a relentless blitz of small space rocks may have bombarded Earth around the time the moon was formed, kicking up clouds of gas with enough force to permanently eject small portions of the atmosphere into space. The researchers calculated that tens of thousands of such small impacts could have efficiently jettisoned Earth’s ...

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NASA Develops Instrument to Investigate Atmospheric Aerosols

A new instrument called the Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS) is developed by NASA in order to investigate the composition of clouds and tiny airborne particles like dust, smoke and other atmospheric aerosols. The instrument is all set to be launched to the International Space Station (ISS) this month that will explore new technologies that could also be used in future ...

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