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Best-Ever Images of Saturn Moon Enceladus Oceans Sent by Cassini on Fly-by Now

NASA's Cassini spacecraft zoomed by Saturn's icy moon Enceladus on Oct. 14, 2015, capturing this stunning image of the moon's north pole. A companion view from the wide-angle camera (PIA20010) shows a zoomed out view of the same region for context. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft during its fly-by Saturn has sent the best-ever images of the northern extremes of Saturn’s icy, ocean-bearing moon Enceladus, which were taken on Oct. 14. The fly-by covered 1,142 miles (1,839 kilometers) above the moon’s surface. The fly-by encounter will lasto next several days and more images will be sent, said NASA. Earlier, scientists believed that the ...

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Just 29000 Miles Away, Ceres Bright Spots in Photos Puzzle Researchers

As NASA’s DAWN spacecraft began to spiral towards the dwarf planet Ceres, what remains puzzlesome for scientists was a bright spot that stands out in the middle from an apparent crater. The latest images from Dawn, taken on Feb.19, nearly 29,000 miles (46,000 kilometers) away from Ceres, reveal that the bright spot seen in the images lies close to yet another bright ...

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