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59 Christians converted to Hinduism on X-mas Day in Kerala

Fifty-nine Christians were converted to Hinduism on Thursday in Kottayam, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s home district. within a month after similar conversions triggered row in Uttar Pradesh. As many as 42 people from 21 families – all of them Christians – took part in temple rituals, and amidst chanting of slogans became Hindus in Ponkunam in Kottayam district. Another ...

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Obama Authorizes Air Strikes in Iraq, Cites Possible ‘Genocide’

Though delayed, the decision by U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday to authorize air strikes in Iraq comes close on the heels of ongoing surge in Islamic State (ISIS) activities to attack Kurdish minorities with 40,000 of them trapped on a mountaintop. Responding to the Iraqi government’s appeal for help to fight the Islamic State militants, who have unleashed hunt ...

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