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What’s the Origin of Kissing? Is it Practised in all Cultures?

Kissing is for sitcoms and movies with little to do in most cultures and many traditions abhor the open kissing as uncomfortable and even flat-out repulsive act. How did it origin by the way? Going by some anthropological studies, kissing is not universal and some cultures abhor it while some interesting studies show that kissing originated from chimapnzees. Justin Garcia ...

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Human chin came from evolution, not because of chewing, says study

Unlike the nearest species to homo sapiens such as chimpanzees or erstwhile Neanderthals, only humans or homo homo-sapiens have chins and it was long believed that this was by virtue of our constant chewing or eating ability. But a new study shows that it was not due to mechanical forces but resulted from an evolutionary adaptation involving face size and shape. ...

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