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Srivari Chandrashekar appointed IICT – Hyderabad Director

Hyderabad-based CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) has announced the appointment of its chief scientist and well-known figure Dr. Srivari Chandrashekar as the director, to push for a sysnthesis in the field of natural products and lab-developed chemical components in the pharmaceutical field. Dr Chandrashekar was associated with the IICT since 1994 and became the chief scientist in 2010, leading ...

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Japanese Scientists Succeed to Make Mice Transparent; Invisibility Next?

A Japanese research team has succeeded in turning mice transparent by administering them with special chemicals, a process the scientists say allows the observation of organs without dissection or inserting pipes inside for detecting ulcers or cancer and to study diabetes. The acievement may be said to half-way through to achieve the next phase which is making the mice invisible. ...

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