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New Indian Cervical Cancer Test VIA Costing Rs. 2 May Replace Rs.1000 Pap Smear One Soon

In a major boost to women’s healthcare, doctors and researchers in New Delhi have found that VIA (Visual Inspection with Acetic acid) is amazingly cost-effective at Rs.2 per test to screen for cervical cancer, compared to the current regular pap smear test, which is lab-based and ranges around Rs. 1,000 per test. By applying 3-5% acetic acid that causes dehydration ...

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India launches world’s cheapest $35 tablet PC meant for students

India unveiled the world’s cheapest tablet computer on Wednesday priced at $35 meant for the students with the government subsidizing $15 as the manufacturing cost is $50. “When these devices are actually used by students across India we will then get valuable feedback,” said Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal, releasing the tablet as promised on time. The name of ...

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