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‘Paper Machine’ to Replace Traditional Diagnostics Under Controlled Temperatures: study

A new portable “paper machine” can detect cancer and infectious diseases besides identifying some gnetics disorders and it costs just $2 or Rs.120, thanks to George Whitesides from Harvard University and his colleagues who invented it. The paper machine integrates paper microfluidices in a multi-layer structure to give diagnostic results at a highly reduced cost, virtually eliminating the need for ...

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Meet Indian-Origin Boy Who Won Intel Young Scientist Award

Befitting Indians’ quest for kinowledge since ancient times, Indian boys in the US are bringing accolades to the field of science that knows no boundaries or genes. Meet Karan Jerath, 18, was awarded this year’s prestigious Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award in the United States for his device that works undersea and quickly shuts down oil spills from disasters. A ...

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IIT Kharagpur Develops Cheaper Dialyser Costing Rs.1500

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur have developed a cost-effective kidney dialysis machine that costs Rs.1500 and three such dialysers are required per week by patients. Haemodialysis is administered to patients suffering from various stages of kidney failure. Commonly referred to as "artificial kidney", it is a machine that uses dialysis to remove impurities and waste products from the ...

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