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Will Uttarakhand Next to Experience Nepal-like Earthquake?

The fear psychology knows no bounds and now some geologists who had warned about “a great earthquake” that devastated Nepal on April 25 have turned their attention to Uttarakhand saying it has all the potential to experience similar earthquake. “The landscape and erosion rate patterns suggest that the decollement beneath Uttarakhand provides a sufficiently large and coherent fault segment capable ...

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Clinical Calculators Over-rate Heart Attack Risk: Study

Most “risk calculators” ususally taken up to screen a patient’s chances of suffering a heart attack actually overestimate the likelihood of it, warn a group of researchers from Johns Hopkins University citing American Heart Association system too. Four out of five widely used clinical calculators over-estimate risk, including the most recent one unveiled in 2013 by the American Heart Association ...

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50+ unlikely to get job again: Study

A new report published today by Business in the Community suggests that people over the age of 50 have a higher chance of becoming permanently jobless compared to younger people. The report ‘The Missing Million: Pathways back into employment’ follows previous research carried out by Business in the Community and research partner the International Longevity Centre-UK (ILC-UK), which set out ...

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