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CSE vs CSIR on CNG vs Diesel Buses: Will CSIR Wake up to CSE’s Counter Facts?

In a shocking report, the government research agency CSIR said in a study that the CNG-powered buses emit fine nanocarbon particles which may cause cancer, thus defeating the very purpose of promoting them as environment-friendly transportation system, especially in Delhi. Before the final report was published, the revelation of primary facts has raised the eye-brows and Delhi-based Centre for Science ...

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627,000 die every year due to particles’ air pollution: Sunita Narain

Pollution in air particles causes about 627,000 deaths every year on Earth, said environmentalists. Known as Particulate air pollution where the microscopic solid and liquid matter suspended in our atmosphere, environmentalists it leads to hundreds of thousands of deaths or loss of 18 million healthy life years. The experts said the grave situation caused by carbon or the dark core of ...

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Climate Change: CSE Ponders Frequency in Cyclones, Flash Floods with Alarm

The number of extreme climate events has risen tremendously over the last 100 years and will increase due to climate change, the Centre for Science and Environment said Thursday. Figures presented by the CSE Deputy Director General Chandra Bhushan revealed that the number of extreme weather events recorded between 1900-09 were 2.5, which increased to 350.4 in 2000-09. "This increase ...

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