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Italian cemetery behind cholera evolution?

An ancient graveyard in Italy can yield clues about the evolution of deadly bacterium that causes cholera, researchers believe. The researchers are excavating the graveyard surrounding the abandoned Badia Pozzeveri church in the Tuscany region of Italy. The site contains victims of the cholera epidemic that swept the world in the 1850s. “We have a thousand-year window into the health ...

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1 Million Mummies Unearthed from Egyptian Cemetery

A cemetery with over one million mummies has been found in Egypt by a team of archaeologists, who discovered the burial ground. While the site remains to be mystery, Kerry Muhlestein from Brigham Young University, said in a paper which he presented at the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities Scholars Colloquium, in Toronto, “We are fairly certain we ...

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Scientists Crack Mystery: Polish Vampire Graves of 17th Century Found

  The scientists have discovered the potential “vampires” in 17th-18th century of Poland. A minimum of half dozen bodies buried with sickles (curved, sharp farming knives) around their necks, or rocks at their jaws, to prevent their corpses from reanimating were natives to the area, as per a study. The mystery of vampires was cracked by the archaeologists and anthropologists ...

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