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Anti-Net Neutrality Lobby of Telecom Operators Muster 4 Million Supporters

Millions is not a problem in a country of over one billion and the powerful lobby of anti-net neutrality of Cellular Operators of India was able to muster a strength of 4 million to override the restriction and provide stage-managed search results for free Internet users. COAI is pormising free internet-based communication services like WhatsApp and Skype subject to usage ...

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India fighting losing battle against spam: says COAI citing Whatsapp

Indian telecom minister Ravi Shankar Prasadi has told Rajy Sabha recently that the country has overcome the menace of unsolicited phone calls and texts from telemarketers but they are replaced by web-based ads with automatic and annoying messages. The minister said there is a dramatic decline in the number of complaints lodged by consumers on the Telecom Regulatory Authority of ...

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