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Obesity-Linked Cancer, More in Women than Men, More in Rich Countries: Study

one fifth of India will be obese by 2025, says study.

While obesity is attributed as a major cause of cancer in a new study conducted by scientists, it also noted that major problem is for women, especially those in their menopausal stage, than men, and visibly more in developed countries. The scientists have discovered that obesity leads to around 481,000 new cancer cases per year in adults, which is 3.6 ...

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Over-eating proteins may trigger schizophrenia, says study

Anything beyond reasonable limits results in inevitable side-effects and now too much of proteinĀ in the brain cells during brain development may cause abnormalities in its structure and lead to schizophrenia, says a study. The protein called NOS1AP, if present in abundance, resulted in the dendrites – tree-like structures that allow cells to talk to each other and are essential to ...

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40 Killed in Plague Outbreak in Madagascar as Ebola Taunts the Other Side of Africa

At least 40 people were killed in an outbreak of plague in Madagascar island as the Ebola is taunting the other side of Africa. The disease may spread rapidly as fleas on the island have been found with high levels of resistance to a leading insecticide, BBC reported citing a World Health Organisation (WHO) warning. Humans usually develop the bubonic ...

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Why More Indian Teens Prone to Ovarian Disorders?

Modern day sedentary lifestyle, junk food and obesity are the three main causes attributed for an increasing incidence of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) among Indian teenagers, with an estimated 10-30 percent adolescent girls being affected by it, health experts say. "There is a strong association of obesity and PCOS, especially when it happens around adolescence. The incidence of PCOS is ...

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Japanese Scientists Prove Single Gene Mutation Causes Infertility

Japanese scientists have discovered that a single mutation in a gene could lead to infertility in humans and not through a disruption of the production of egg or sperm cells but rather by leading to abnormalities in the morphology of the sexual organs – making natural reproduction impossible. The beta-catenin gene codes a protein known to be deeply involved in ...

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Don’t Let Your Baby Without Attention While Playing; Else He Grows Callous, Unemotional

The link between parental care and love for the baby from the childhood, especially how a mother responds more sensitively to her baby during playtime, is the key to predict the way the child grows into a responsible and sensitive kid or callous or unemotional child, says new research. Callous and unemotional behaviour reflects lack of guilt and empathy for ...

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