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Lessons from Tree? New Photosynthesis Model Develops Fuel from Sunlight

Just learning a leaf of learning from trees around us, researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a solar cell that can convert carbon dioxide in air into usable hydrocarbon fuel, using only sunlight for energy. In their device, solar cells instead of converting sunlight into electricity, works on the lines of the work done by plants ...

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Ants’ Chemical Improves Cancer Drug by 50 Times, says Study

A chemical called JS07 in ants and in a plant called stinging nettles was found to have made cancer drugs 50 times more effective than usual by researchers. The findings, published in the journal Nature Communications, found that when the chemical, Sodium formate, is used in combination with a metal-based cancer treatment it can greatly increase its ability to shutdown ...

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Cow’s milk can act as catalyst to deliver high dose AIDS drug to infants: study

A milk powder containing anti-retroviral (AIDS) drugs, which are not very soluble in water, can help better treat and prevent HIV infection in babies, research shows. The team found a new method of altering a protein in cow’s milk to bind with an anti-retroviral drug.Most anti-retroviral drugs are not tolerated by very young children. One of the most commonly prescribed ...

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