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British Scientists Invent ‘Porous Liquid’ to Trap Carbon Dioxide, Future Potential High

British scientists have made a breakthrough with success in the so-called “Carbon-Capture” technology that has potential to turn around the climate change debate forever. The scientists at Queen’s University, Belfast have made a “porous liquid” which can dissolve unusually high amounts of gas, which are absorbed into the ‘holes’ in the liquid. Prof. Stuart James of Queen’s School of Chemistry ...

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CO2 Melted Ice Age for Sure, Prepare for Similar Global Melt-Down of Glaciers, Warn Researchers

While world is aware of a plethora of causes which receded the last Ice Age such as solar radiation, ocean currents and others, a new study has focused on mere carbon dioxide that it said had resulted mainly in eroding the glaciers. The study based on measuring isotopes in boulders uncovered during the global meltdown 11,000 years ago, said the ...

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Carbon Sheds New Light on Origin of Life

New findings may lead to key to the origin of life as it revealed long unknown details about carbon, deep beneath the Earth’s surface by suggesting ways that the carbon might have influenced the history of life on the planet. “It is a very exciting possibility that deep fluids beneath the Earth’s surface might transport building blocks for life into ...

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