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Scientists Come Out on 13 Oft-Repeated Cannabis Claims

An international scientific body has reviewed 13 claims made by proponents of cannbis as false and published its findings saying none of them are strongly supported by scientific evidence. Toronto-based he International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) has released two reports on Wednesday evaluating the strength of commonly heard cannabis claims, titled “State of the Evidence: Cannabis Use and Regulation,” and another ...

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Smoking Pot May Help Mend Cracked Bones, Finds Study Blinking on Bad Effects

Despite UN reports and warnings against drug addiction, especially teenagers and young adults taking to marijuana, cocaine, and other forms on an alarming level, an Israeli study tried to put some rare benefits of it in a move to counter the criticism. The study by Israeli scientists has shown that smoking weed may help in curing broken bones. The team from Tel ...

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