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Indian-origin researcher hits breakthrough turning cancer cells harmless

Cancer research is the most-researched upon subject and a breakthrough came from Stanford University researcher Ravi Majeti, an Indian origin researcher who found a method that can cause cancerous leukemia cells into harmless immune cells called macrophages. He found it by accident when he collected leukemia cells from a patient for observation and was trying to keep the cells alive ...

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UB Bio-med engineers develop new endoscope to detect cancer, zap tumours

Instead of using a tube with a tiny camera to detect cancer inside the body, engineers at the University of Buffalo have developed a bio-medical advancement not only to detect cancer but also zap cancerous tumours. The new device, under development at the University at Buffalo, could make chemotherapy more efficient, reduce its side effects and improve how doctors treat ...

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Not One But 2 Drugs Together Kill Lung Cancer Cells Abetting Suicide

In a revolutionary way to treat cancer, British scientists have found two drugs in combination can trigger the self-destruct or “Suicide” process in lung cancer cells, paving the way for a new way to treat cancer. The combination of drugs — TRAIL and a CDK9 inhibitor, when used together forced the cancer cells to self-destruct, the findings showed. When healthy ...

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