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Is Airtel Snooping on User Browser with Flash Networks Detective Code?

In a major shock to the Airtel Broadband users, a programmer in Bangalore tweeted saying that the TSP or service provider is inserting a code into their browsing sessions of 3G network secretly. Thejesh GN, the Bangalore-based programmer also said Airtel has partnered with Ericsson and injecting the Flash Networks code into the browsing web pages and confirmed via GitHub ...

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Site Ahead Contains Harmful Programs, Says New Google Chrome Safety Feature Against Malware

Google has stayed away from alerting its Google Chrome browser users from downloading or installing but no longer so as it has joined Firefox and Explorer to alert the users whenever they attempt to download malware from unknown or unwanted website just before opening such websites. The new feature in Google will help users to make out whether a particular ...

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FaceBook Invite: What to expect on top of Android?

Facebook has invited select group of journalists to an event it calls “new home on Android”, creating enough space for rumour mill to trigger anticipation for an android-based mobile phone exclusively for facebook users. It is perhaps a culmination of rumours that Facebook is building its own version of mobile phone meant for easy access to Facebook all over the ...

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