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Want to be With Younger Brain? Take Stairs, Be in School, Suggests Study

Moving over from the aspiration to keep the body young, researchers have now focused on keeping the brain younger and their findings showed that taking the stairs improves your brain’s health and that school educations has an immense positive effect on your brain. Researchers led by Jason Steffener, a scientist at Concordia University’s Montreal-based PERFORM Centre, found that the more ...

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Cinnamon Health Benefits More But Harms Liver Too: Studies

Cinnamon has been in news recently for its properties to reduce blood pressure, bring down triglycerides drastically and helping in brain-relating diseases at bay. But on the flip-side of it, coumarin present in cinnamon is harmful to liver, say studies. Minus coumarin, cinnamon packs high potency of antioxidants and its antimicrobial properties have been shown to fight strains of E. ...

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Fasting During Festivals Good for Brain, to Boost Memory, Learning Skills: Study

Exercise tops the list of recommendations of neruologists for long but now they are adding occasional fasting, which is not new to Indians who observe fasting on festivals, especially during the Shivratri among others. New research shows that fasting not only increases memory but also enhances quick learning skills as it boosts the brain’s neurons. In their experiment on animals ...

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A gram of turmeric daily could make wonders boosting memory: Study

Adding just one gram of turmeric to one’s breakfast could help improve the memory of people who are in the early stages of diabetes and at risk of developing cognitive impairment or memory loss,, a study indicates. For the study, professor Mark Wahlqvist from the Monash Asia Institute at the Melbourne-based Monash University tested the working memory of men and ...

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No Carbs, Less Calories Delay Ageing, Keep Brain Healthy, Memory in Tact, Says Study of 900 Genes First Time

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With ageing slowly on the back of everybody’s mind these days, a new research has thrown light on how lower calories and cutting on carbs will help the brain keep its memory in tact and also keep off heart diseases and stroke. While similar findings are not new, the latest one shows the link between calorie-reduced diet with 900 different ...

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