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World Heart Day: Even 10-Minute Walk Helps Heart From Dysfunction, says New Research

Even short walks lasting for 10 minutes after 6-hour continuous sitting or prolonged immobility can save heart from dysfunction, restoring vascular health, said new study giving hope to those who are struck to their office seats for longer hours. Majority of employees seated at desks for most of the eight-hour workday makes life sedentary impacting the vascular health and the ...

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Health Byte: Why Chocolates Cheer You, Keep You Happy?

In a report sounding more like an advertisement for chocolate-makers of the world, Mirror.co.uk has brought out its positive side though doctors warn against too much consumption of chocolates made with sugar. But a little bit of sugar in moderation isn’t as terrible as one thought, say researchers, citing the good effects such as preventing ageing and ensuring proper blood ...

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