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Birdwatch: How Chestnut-bellied Monarch Survives on Solomon Islands?

This image shows a typical Chestnut-bellied Monarch (left) vs. a melanic individual (right). CREDIT A. Uy

Animals living in islands tend to develop weird traits to acclamatize themselves with the environment over time, becoming big like Galapagos tortoises or small like extinct dwarf elephants or losing the ability to fly like the flightless parrots of New Zealand. But some animals have a tendency to develop “melanism” or, dark or black coloration, cites a new study. J. ...

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Climate Change: Schools of Kolkata, Hyderabad Achieve Rare Feat spotting Nature

When it comes to climate change and environment, schools in Kolkata and Hyderabad showed the maximum willingness to document urban biodiversity. These schools have come forward to observe nature and develop a strong database of the changing trends using mobile apps for climate change, catching the changing biodiversity. About 10 Kolkata schools presented their findings just by using Android apps ...

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Bird flu alert in Hyderabad, thousands of birds culled in Hayatnagar

Bird flu scare has sent Telangana on Wednesday to increase the culling of poultry birds near Hyderabad, following an alert from the animal husbandy department of the statement. Thousands of birds at a poultry farm at Thorrur village of Hayatnagar mandal in Ranga Reddy district were cullted on wednesday and the department has announced that 1.45 lakh birds will be ...

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Rare Tasmania’s swift parrot may join extinct species by 2030

The iconic Tasmanian swift parrot can soon follow the dodo as an extinct species in 16 years unless rescue efforts are taken on warfooting, said researchers. The research, published in the journal Biological Conservation, said that the population of the birds would halve every four years, with a possible decline of 94.7 percent over 16 years. “Swift parrots are in ...

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Chilika Lake Attracts 7.61 lakh birds this year from Siberia, Caspian Sea, Himalayas

A record 7.61 lakh migratory birds from all the Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, Russia, central and South East Asia, Ladakh and Himalayas have landed for their annual winter sojourn in Chilika lake area and the surroundings in Odisha. According to the annual bird census conducted on Friday, this year’s migratory birds population crossed last year’s record of 7.19 lakh resident and ...

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