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Try These Steps to Have the Perfect Sound Sleep

Career expectations, work stress, late night parties. In short, the modern lifestyle that has a direct impact on your sleep pattern often leaves you insomniac or close to it, these days. Lack of sleep not only affects your biological clock, but also puts you at higher risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Additionally, it caters to the disability to ...

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Biological Clock Clue in DNA Change Helps to Predict Lifespan: Study

Do you look younger than your biological age? Then you have chances of living longer than others whose looks show them older than their actual age. Scientists have identified a biological clock that could help predict your lifespan based on chemical changes in your DNA. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh studied chemical changes to DNA to know an individual’s ...

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Pills to help body clock of night-shift workers

New pills of glucocorticoid could help adjust your internal body clock to work in night shifts or avoid jet lag the way it works during the day to eliminate various health risks, including cancer are in the pipeline. A team of Australian researchers, with the administration of glucocorticoid or a class of hormones used as powerful anti-inflammatory compounds to treat ...

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