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Rare Metal Hydrogen Disappears from Harvard Lab or Evaporates?

Microscopic images of the stages in the creation of atomic molecular hydrogen: Transparent molecular hydrogen (left) at about 200 GPa, which is converted into black molecular hydrogen, and finally reflective atomic metallic hydrogen at 495 GPa. Courtesy of Isaac Silvera

Harvard researchers claimed last month that they had managed to create metallic hydrogen that has the capability to superconduct electricity at room temperature without resistance in a process that used massive amounts of pressure and a diamond vice. Stored at minus 193 degree celsius, the sample mysteriously disappeared, leaving researchers wonder whether it just evaporated. But they are determined to ...

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Nobel Laureate Yunus Opens Ujjivan Bank’s First 5 Branches in Bangalore

Shifting its business focus from microfinance to core banking, Bangalore-based Ujjivan Financial Services opened on Monday, Feb. 6, 2017, five branches in Bangalore with Bangladeshi Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus as the chief guest. One significant feature that Ujjivan Bank will offer is to let its customers unlimited access to ATM transactions on its network and six free transactions on other ...

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Bangalore’s Namma Metro Status: Stand-Alone Stations in Jaya Nagar, JP Nagar Await Elusive Connection

Namma Metro

It is ironic but the fully-built Bangalore Metro stations in North-South Corridor by Namma Metro are delayed beyond the schedule as usual. The residents and travellers in these roads have patiently took it on their stride to circumvent the millions of road-blocks and delays for the last five years but still they have to wait for few more months before ...

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Rosemary Oil Enhances Brain’s Memory Power: Study

Rosemary essential oil and its aroma could help improve memory power of the brain in elderly people, according to a new study by Lauren Bussey of Northumbria University. This finding reiterates similar study by Japanese reerchers last year on rosemary’s effective therapeutic powers for an aging brain. In the new study, prospective memory, involving the ability to remember events and ...

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Entire Bangalore Metro’s 42-km Stretch to be Ready by Rajyotsava Day: Minister

Bengaluru development minister KJ George has promised that the entire 42-km Namma Metro network will be opened by November 1, 2016 marking the Rajyotsava Day of Karnataka, with the key Malleswaram—Majestic underground stretch to be ready in 3 months from now. Even if it is delayed by another month as is the case with Namma Metro projects, the stretch should ...

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