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Beijing Moves to Shut Down 2500 Polluting Firms, Will Delhi Learn From it?

Beijing and New Delhi, both capitals of Asia’s biggest neighbours and the most populated countries are facing similar fate though their culture and ruling styles differ. The life-threatening air pollution have shut down these cities during the Christmas weekend with highest pollution levels ever created. While Delhi took upon the European cities model of Odd-Even vehicular policy allowing only odd ...

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Forget Beijing, Clean Up Delhi Fast, says Greenpeace

Global climate awareness agency Greenpeace, citing the Central Pollution Control Board report, said Delhi’s average pollution at PM2.5 level in 2013 as 153μg/m3, based on hourly measurements at 6 different stations. “This is 15 times the World Health Organization guideline and 3.8 times the national standar,” it said. Delhi’s average is also 80 percent higher than the average in Beijing, ...

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