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10 Interesting Facts about Bahubali: From Marriage Postponed to Inventing a New Language

bahubali 2

Now that SS Rajamouli’s film “Baahubali” has become an all-time hit not merely in Telugu but in Indian history, the director’s name is heard everywhere with little focus on the cast. Otherwise, the film has more facts to list than mere names of actors and directors. It was a relentless hardwork coupled with devotion and deprivation of many ‘ordinary’ things ...

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Bahubali trailer released on Youtube, goes viral, to cross 1 Million in 1 day

The trailer of S.S. Rajamouli’s historic film “Baahubali”was released on Monday on Youtubeat 5 PM and it went viral overnight grossing more than 858,73 visitors and may reach 10 million viewers within its first week, ahead of the release of the film. Twitter too saw huge number of tweets about the film with fans ans other stars re-tweeting about SS ...

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