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Protect Teens From Online Risks: Study

Boosting teenagers’ ability to cope with online risks, rather than trying to stop them from using the internet, is a more effective strategy for keeping them safe, says a new study. More resilient teens were less likely to suffer negative effects even if they were frequently online, said the study. Haiyan Jia, post-doctoral scholar in information sciences and technology. “Internet ...

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SpaceX sends 6th cargo mission to ISS, but fails rocket recovery test again

US spaceflight company SpaceX has launched its sixth cargo mission to the International Space Station (ISS), but failed in its second attempt to recover part of the Falcon 9 rocket on its reentry to land on a floating-base erected in the Atlantic Ocean. The California-based company’s Dragon cargo ship, filled with over 1,950 kg of supplies and payload, lifted off ...

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