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Flexible work hours good for employees’ health: study

Giving employees flexible work hours help curb sleep deficiency and improve overall health, researchers suggest employers. “In the absence of sufficient sleep, we are not as attentive or alert, process information more slowly, miss or misinterpret social and emotional cues and decision making is impaired,” said Orfeu M. Buxton, associate professor of biobehavioral health at Pennsylvania State University. Buxton and ...

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Space Weather’s Impact on Earth: Plasma Waves Responsible For Particle Fallout in Atmosphere

Researchers have shown plasma waves buffeting the planet’s radiation belts are responsible for scattering charged particles into the atmosphere for the first time that in a recent study on space weather’s impact on Earth. The study is the detailed analysis of the link between these waves and the fallout of electrons from the planet’s radiation belts so far. The belts ...

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