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ISRO Plans Chandrayaan 2, Mangalyaan 2 and Sukrayaan-1 after Successful Cryogenic Rocket Tests

Venus or Sukra planet will soon have an ISRO spacecraft greeting in its orbit if Indian Space Research Organisation is able to create another milestone with its deep space exploration mission. Not falling for the age-old saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, ISRO first visited the nearest object Moon before eyeing the Mars, which has ...

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After Successful Moon and Mars Missions, ISRO Eyes Venus but Why?

Indian space agency ISRO is planning to send a probe mission to Venus, which is in our neighbourhood besides being the planet of love, wealth and prosperity for the human race since ages. Indian Space Research Organisation has successfully carried out mission to Moon called Chandrayaan-1 and another breakthrough mission to Mars called Mangalyaan so far. While the Chandrayaan-2 mission ...

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Ice Crater or Alien City? Ceres Bright Spots Puzzling Still as Dawn Moves Closer (Photos, Video)

Astro-physicists have been waiting for months to unravel the mystery of bright lights on asteroid Ceres and the Dawn spacecraft that is inching closer to its surface is still far from resolving puzzle. Located between Mars and Jupiter, Ceres has its visitor from Earth, NASA’s dawn mission to take the first glimpse and send pictures of the dwarf planet. While ...

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