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Indrani Mukerjea May Slip Into Coma?

With doctors at J.J. Hospital trying to wake up the main accused in sensational sheena Bora murder case, the drug overuse by an inmate in jail has shocked the police and the Maharashtra government, while her revival from the drug-induced coma remains questionable now. With more than 30 hours passed, doctors are clueless about the source of anti-depressant drugs which ...

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Anti-Depressants Over Prescribed? Most Don’t Need Them, Says Study

In a surprising study, it was found that more than two-thirds of people taking anti-depressant drugs may not actually suffer from depression and they don’t need them, says a new study. The US-based study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that 69% of people taking anti-depressants did not meet the criteria for prescribing major depressive disorder, also known ...

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Roseroot herb may be good to treat depression with minimal side effects: Study

Roseroot may provide a herbal treatment option with minimal side effects for depression-related disorders, a new research has found. Depression has become a closely watched health ailment now, thanks to Bollywood actress deepika Padukone who dared to reveal about it and helped spreading awareness about it in India. The findings published in the journal Phytomedicine suggest that those who cannot ...

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