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Global Warming to Alter the Planet’s Shape

Climate change affect not just temperature, but it also alter the Earth’s shape according to the Scientists from the University of British Colombia. One of the most rapidly warming regions of the world, the Canadian Acrtic will feel these effects acutely. More than 4 degree celsius of warming over the last 50 years, the glaciers will be seen flowing up ...

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Antarctic ice sheet melting faster than ever, alarming: New study

Using GRACE or gravitational satellite data, researchers have found that the ice sheet covering Antarctica is melting faster than ever, especially in the past one decade. Antarctica’s massive ice sheet lost twice its mass in its western portion compared to what it accumulated in the east and the southern continent’s ice cap is melting ever faster, said researchers. The researchers were ...

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SPIDER Experiment Touches Down in Antarctica After 16 Days

After spending 16 days suspended from a giant helium balloon floating 115,000 feet (35,000 meters) above Antarctica, a scientific instrument dubbed SPIDER has landed in a remote region of the frozen continent. Conceived of and built by an international team of scientists, the instrument was launched from McMurdo Station on New Year’s Day. The California Institute of Technology and NASA’s ...

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