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Ancient Burials Show Traces of Blood Feuds

Funerals in the Sonoran Desert thousands of years ago were similar to what they are today. Bodies of the deceased were buried respectfully, while families and mourners followed certain customs to honor lives lost. At least, most of the time. In some cases, however, the dead received far less reverential treatment. Instead, bodies were tossed haphazardly, headfirst, into their eternal ...

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T. Rex were violent cannibals: Palaeontologists

A strong evidence that T. Rex and his kin were violent animals and practised cannibalism was found by palaeontologists based on the remains of the large carnivorous tyrannosaur Daspletosaurus with many injuries during its lifetime and perhaps partially eaten after it died. Palaeontologists now believe that members of Daspletosaurus’ own species inflicted all of the damage. “This animal clearly had a tough ...

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Nitrogen, Water Traces on Mars Show Life Was Possible in Ancient Red Planet

The nitrogen sample analysis of Curiosity findings could have made it possible for life organism to survive on Mars. Since the nitrogen found on Mars doesn’t show any evidence of life as the surface of Mars is inhospitable for living organism, the researchers believe that the nitrates found on Mars are ancient, and could have come from non-biological processes like meteorite impacts ...

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