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Giant ‘sea scorpion’ fossil discovered Undersea in Iowa

The fossil of a previously unknown species of ‘sea scorpion’, measuring over 1.5 meters long, has been discovered in Iowa, USA. Dating back 460 million years, it is the oldest known species of eurypterid (sea scorpion) – extinct monster-like predators that swam the seas in ancient times and are related to modern arachnids. The authors named the new species Pentecopterus ...

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CO2 Melted Ice Age for Sure, Prepare for Similar Global Melt-Down of Glaciers, Warn Researchers

While world is aware of a plethora of causes which receded the last Ice Age such as solar radiation, ocean currents and others, a new study has focused on mere carbon dioxide that it said had resulted mainly in eroding the glaciers. The study based on measuring isotopes in boulders uncovered during the global meltdown 11,000 years ago, said the ...

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Ancient Pythagoras theorem helpful to track patient’s health recovery, prove scientists

A team of medical researchers has found that the 2,500-year-old Pythagoras theorem could be the most effective way to identify the point at which a patient’s health begins to improve. According to the theorem, in a right-angled triangle, the sum of the squares of the two right-angled sides is equal to the square of it’s hypotenuse.┬áIn other words, one can ...

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