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Decoding Evolution of Large Brains in Primates Helps Study Human Traces

Reconstruction of ancient kiwi-sized primate skulls helped University of Florida researchers to solve an age-old miystery of evolution of large brains in apes into human species. University of Florida paleontologists found clues in lemur-like primate skulls from the tropical forests of Wyoming about 50 million years ago, thought to be a link between primitive and advanced primates. Arianna Harrington, a ...

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Human chin came from evolution, not because of chewing, says study

Unlike the nearest species to homo sapiens such as chimpanzees or erstwhile Neanderthals, only humans or homo homo-sapiens have chins and it was long believed that this was by virtue of our constant chewing or eating ability. But a new study shows that it was not due to mechanical forces but resulted from an evolutionary adaptation involving face size and shape. ...

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Our ancestors used hands much earlier than thought: study

New research suggests that our ancestors used human-like hand postures much earlier than was previously thought, based on new bone structure found. Anthropologists have produced first results to support archaeological evidence for stone tool use among australopiths – one of the longest-lived and best-known early human species – two-three million years ago. To reach this conclusion, Matthew Skinner and Tracy ...

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