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Johns Hopkins Joins NASA’s JPL to Search for Alien Life on Jupiter’s Moon, Europa

Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) will join a new NASA mission to explore the surface of Europa, the moon of Jupiter for alien life forms beneath the frozen surface. Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, is considered one of the most promising places in the solar system to search for signs of life under its frozen ocean crust. Europa has ...

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Stephen Hawking Joins Russian Jewish Billionaire to Search for Aliens

London-based physicist Stephen Hawking has joined Russian Jewish billionaire Yuri Milner’s mega, first ever project in the world to trace and decode signals from aliens using two largest and powerful telescopes in the world. The $100-million, 10-year project was kicked off on Monday to search for the intelligent life in the universe with Milner outlining the “Breakthrough Listen” program’s aim ...

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It’s Official: NASA Launches Alien Probe NexSS Project, What Next?

After repeated rantings, the US space agency NASA has finally launched its ambitious project to hunt for signs of life or aliens beyond our solar system as announced by its chief scientist last month. Launching the Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NexSS) project to probe on exoplanets after bringing together experts in earth science, planetary science, heliophysics and astrophysics together on ...

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