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Guide to Fight Jet Lag, What to Do And What Not

Travelling is an exciting hobby and invokes a refreshing feeling.  Visiting to different places and exploring their cultures is a fascinating venture to dive into. Nevertheless, the journey quite often takes a toll on the traveller(s). This “toll” is none other than jet lag. Jet lag which in medical terms is known as “desynchronosis” is a situation when an individual ...

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Diabetes: ‘Smart’ Insulin Found to Automatically Adjust Sugar Levels

Novel ‘Smart’ insuling for patients with type 1 diabetes eliminates the burden of constantly monitoring their blood sugar, self-injecting and even worse, a miscalculation. Lapse in regimen leads to high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia), potentially leading to heart disease, blindness and other complications, or it leads to too low levels (hypoglycemia), which can result in coma or even death. To ...

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Pills to help body clock of night-shift workers

New pills of glucocorticoid could help adjust your internal body clock to work in night shifts or avoid jet lag the way it works during the day to eliminate various health risks, including cancer are in the pipeline. A team of Australian researchers, with the administration of glucocorticoid or a class of hormones used as powerful anti-inflammatory compounds to treat ...

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