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Despite Odds, Indian Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Fervour

Despite strict warning from Hindu fringe groups, many couples smiling, walking hand-in-hand, holding bouquets of red roses or bags with gifts and wearing a smile were a common sight across cafes, eateries and streets across India on Valentine’s Day on Saturday, Love was in the air — whether it was at Delhi’s central Connaught Place area, malls or green parks; ...

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Kiss of Love: Actor Shobana Reacts – ‘You Will Not Want Your Daughter to Do This’

Actor Shobana expressed her strong disapproval over the Kiss of Love protest that has been taking place across the country for the past months. She reacted to the issue on Monday, after the protest in Kozhikode witnessed the violence between the Kiss of Love activists and the “Hanuman Sena” on Sunday. She said, “I don’t know why they are doing ...

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