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India Today Reveals Secret Places Rahul Gandhi Spent in his 2-Month Sabbatical Abroad

India Today magazine has finally revealed the mysterious absence of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi from Feb. 16 to March 31, debunking the rumours that he was in Latin America with his girlfriend. He was in fact, touring four Buddhist nations in Southeast Asia and the claims by his mother that the holiday was intended for soul-searching were true. Rahul ...

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#Putinisdead Hoax Goes Viral Though Russian President is Fine

Despite clarifications from the Kremlin that Russian President Vladimir Putin is fine healthwise, social media is agogue over the hashtag #putinisdead that has gone viral on twitter, while someone created a satire website titled “isputindead.com”. The trigger to death hoax of Putin came when the Kazakhstan government said his ill-health could have forced him to cancel a bilateral meeting. “It ...

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