Swachh Bharat: Massive Drive across Country, Cleanliness ‘Drama’ in Delhi

The Indian Medical Association is getting ready to be a part of Mod’s Clean India campaign as they have set to launch a drive to promote cleanliness in hospitals and medical centres across the country on Friday.

The "Swachh Medical centre – Swastha Bharat" is scheduled to be observed from Friday, November 7 to November 14. The campaign is expected to encourage medical facilities to provide dustbins at easily accessible spots, proper disposal of bio-medical waste, educate staffers on waste management etc.

As per reports, the hospitals have been asked to ensure proper drainage, rainwater harvesting, availability of clean drinking water, and installation of effluent treatment plants.

The IMA said, "Most of the diseases are caused due to improper hygiene and when a person falls sick and approaches a hospital for treatment, the need of exceptionally hygienic environment grows multifold." Adding, it said, "We call upon the general public to help our hospitals and nursing homes become clean and hygienic in the interest of their own health."

In the midst of praising Modi’s cleanliness drive, which moves in full swing all over the country, there are instances that are taking place on which the party members should be ashamed of.

Delhi has witnessed BJP Chief Satish Upadhyay accompanied by the former AAP leader Shazia Ilmi taking up brooms to clean up the littered place. But, some of the pictures that had been carried out by some media have paved way for shocking revelations. The garbage which has been cleaned by Upadhyay has been ‘dumped’ on the sidewalk hours before his ‘cleanliness campaign.’

The photographs stated that the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) staffers littering the already clean pavement before the BJP leader’s visit.

While asked about the incident, Upadhyay said that he was unaware of what had happened and said that he was just a participant there. He said, "It was a program of the Islamic Centre, I had just gone there for few minutes, organisers should have taken care of it. Cleanliness drive is to be taken seriously and everyone should do it honestly."

However, there are allegations that BJP has been doing all such activities for the ‘exposure’ of party, as the election is approaching. The incident has paved way for group discussions and controversies among people, especially in social media websites. There were also criticisms that the incident has reflected lack of seriousness of the much-publicised Swachh Bharat initiative.

(With inputs from IANS)

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