Super Nani Movie Reviews Roundup: 70s Film Begets Old-style Movie Reviews

Super-NaniIndian Express Movie Review: ‘Super Nani there is nothing to see’

Taking a dig at Rekha-centric old values film, the reviewer castigates the anomalies like husband-bound old lady who tries to bring reason into the family that is going berserk.

“Rekha, still sultry at sixty plus, the star vehicle around which the film is constructed. As Bharati Bhatia, she plays the servile doormat of a wife, mother, and mother-in-law, with shades of all her previous performances, and truly terrible cakey make-up. And does herself no good at all.”

With the help of her grandson from US, she tries to set the house in order. “It is supremely ironical that a film making fun of ‘saas-bahu’ serials (yes, it tries) shoves exactly those sentiments down our throat. And even more so when you call your leading lady Bharati,” questions the reviewer.


Hindustan Times: “It is loud, badly planned and lousily executed”

Giving a poor rating of 1 out of 5, Rohit Vats of Hindustan Times says the film despite a good ending, revolves around values of 70s and “gets reduced to a collage of tacky family dramas of Nutan-Mena Kumari era. Interestingly, the film has an entire 20 minute sequence that pays homage to yesteryear heroines. However, all this happens in such a manner that the audience starts feeling trapped inside a saas-bahu soap.”
Blaming it on director Indra Kumar, the writer says actors’ role is minimal as it depends on director who has based the fil on premise that is redundant and as a consequence actors too look bored, uninterested and tired.

His conclusion is that “Super Nani” isn’t “worth your time. It has absolutely nothing to offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if some actors never get a call from producers after this film.”

The Hindu Review: “On rewind mode”

Director Indra Kumar has again come under criticism from The Hindu too for returning to 80s theme though “Rekha retains the charm and the grace that has made her glow all these years. In Sharman Joshi she has the perfect foil to play out the melodramatic moments but alas, they don’t have the material to play with. Kumar has put together the ’80s style high-pitched sob story which fails to uncork the tear ducts,” write the reviewer.

“Perhaps she ISridevi) inspired her (Rekha) to make a comeback but she has chosen a dated vehicle. Change the driver and the diva still has it in her to stop us in our stride,” goes the review before winding it up with a bottomline:
“A shrill family melodrama whose essence is lost in execution”.


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