Sunny Leone Survives Plane Crash, Visibly Shaken

India’s film str Sunny Leone, who had shaken the viewers out of their seats in theatres, has faced the near crash of her private plane and emerged unscathed as pilots maneouvred the small aircraft to safety landing.

Sunny Leone, who had acted in Telugu film “Current Theega” and is currently acting in “Laila Main Laila” has shared on her Twitter page about the incident and also shared a video in which her shocked husband Daniel Weber said “We are alive” to the camera.

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel, along with some crew members, were flying in her private plane in a remote area of Maharashtra when the plane faced weather storms and nearly crashed but thanks to pilots, they all survived.

Soon after the incident, Sunny Leone tweeted:“The reason I’m acting so happy cause everyone else is all freaked out! Gotta cheer them up.”

Next followed another tweet:”Thank the lord we are all alive! Our private plane almost crashed through bad weather. Counting our stars and driving home! Thank you God!”

Another one said:”Have to thank the pilots 4doing such an amazing job getting us through & alive. But You know it’s bad when the pilot starts praying mid air! Our pilots were so amazing. Our lives were in their hands and they saved us!”

In her video she said:”The reason I’m so acting so happy cause everyone else is all freaked out! Gotta cheer them up.”

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