Sunanda Pushkar Death Case Takes New Twist, 3rd Person Suspected?

A day after Delhi Police took a new turn on its investigation on Sunanda Pushkar’s death by seeking the list of passengers who travelled from Dubai and Pakistan to Delhi, and vice versa, on the day she was found dead, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has thrown a spark to the issue, on Friday.

On his micro blogging site, Swami tweeted, “When will Delhi Police release the telephone transcript of Tharoor’s Secy informing him at 4.30 pm of Sunanda being “terminated”? Why imp?”

Raising a doubt on Sunanda’s death linking it with her threat to disclose “money-laundering” in the IPL, Swamy has sought a CBI probe in the matter earlier.

Shashi Tharoor’s wife, Pushkar was found dead in a five star hotel in New Delhi on January 17. In a recent probe, the police have reportedly the staff of the hotel.

In October, the post-mortem report submitted by a medical team from AIIMS has claimed that Sunanda has died due to “poisoning.” According to reports, the autopsy report came around ten days after the post mortem report of the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) was submitted to the Delhi Police by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

Stating the traces of the drug alprax, which was found in her body and were originally thought to be the cause of her death, reports say, was not enough of a lethal dose to kill her.

It has also revealed, “AIIMS medical board had thoroughly pursued the various documents that were submitted to them by the investigating officers along with the post-mortem report and histopathology report of viscera after which it was concluded the cause of Pushkar’s death is poisoning.” The report said that viscera are positive for ethyl alcohol, caffeine, acetaminophen and cotinine.

However, as per reports, a senior police officer said, “With this almost clear that Sunanda died of poisoning, the biggest question which remains in the case is that the kind of poison (used) and how it reached her body. If these questions can be answered, the case could head to its logical end.”

The medical team of AIIMS is asked to find the poison and name it by police, but if the team couldn’t do that, the samples will sent abroad, according to reports.

Amid, reports say, the police have already seized three mobile phones and a laptop of Pushkar and sent them to a forensic laboratory in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, to check whether anything was deleted from the gadgets after her death.

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