Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram Shashi Tharoor arrives at his Delhi residence in New Delhi, on Jan 19, 2015. (IANS)

Sunanda Murder Case: Tharoor Cooperated with Questioning, Says Commissioner

The Former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor was questioned over the mysterious death of his wife Sunanda Pushkar, on Monday from 8 pm to midnight.

The minister, who has been interrogated by the Delhi police for about four hours, is said to be very cooperative while questioning. The Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi said, “He was very cooperative and stayed calm during the questioning.”

He said that the police have questioned Shashi Tharoor last night and spoke to him “about the background what happened on January 17, 2014 and certain things said in the media in connection with the case.”

Meanwhile as per sources reported, Tharoor has been questioned over IPL match fixing as well as the Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar issue. As per reports, he was also asked about the 15 injury marks in Sunanda’s body, emphasizing on the injection mark, which is the 10th mark.

The fight that the couple had on the flight was also questioned by the police reportedly. Meanwhile, they have also enquired about the alprax tablet that they received from her room and asked if she was under medication and its details.

Meanwhile, after the four-hour long interrogation, Tharoor did not speak to the media anything regarding the questioning.

Stating that Tharoor is questioned as a witness not a suspect, Bassi said, “We are examining it with an open mind. I would not want to reach a conclusion midway as to who is a suspect and who is only a witness. ”

Amid, Tharoor has reportedly “answered most questions” and did admit to some extent that there was marital trouble. However, it is a first round of a likely three round questioning as per sources.

Delhi police has issued a notice to Tharoor to question him over the murder case on Monday, asking him to be present for enquiry as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Tharoor has demanded for an impartial and speedy investigation during a press conference last week, emphasizing the probe should be done “without any political pressure.”

Sunanda was found dead in a Leela Hotel in New Delhi on January 17. The Delhi police have confirmed it as case of murder in January this year.


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